Review: Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock

While we have sorted this clock radio for teenagers anybody who has trouble awakening in the morning will get the take advantage of this super loud clock. If you know someone who sleeps like the dead and nothing has worked for them in the past prepare them to be amazed! For those who have hearing impediments this is a great buy too with the bed shaking feature.

The Sonic Bomb clock radio is available in black, pink, red, camouflage or turquoise.

This is a great gift option for a heavy sleeper the only real downside is that it will wake everybody in your home it is so loud! This is an alarm watch like nothing else, described by one reviewer as a ‘God-given but Satan inspired gift’

Who would this make a good gift for?

Reading the great numbers of positive reviews online there is certainly a wide spectrum of users. Certainly there were the deep sleepers and teenagers who wouldn’t get up in the mornings. The bed shaker was really useful for the hearing impaired additionally for people who didn’t wish to use the alarm to awaken people especially if they had babies. Incoming college freshman talked about this, one said that he wouldn’t have survived his freshman year without it. Night shift workers also found it useful.


Volume – The sound on the Sonic Bomb is changeable but at full blast reaches 113db the like a chainsaw. It also has an adjustable tone, if you find you get used to one tone then you can switch to another to vary your morning awaken call. The volume is also adjustable in both decibels and frequency of tone.

Bed shaker — This is a plastic disc about the same size as a hockey puck that does exactly as it says it shakes the bed and it really does, some reviewers reported that they could feel the bed shaking through the ceiling. Put it under you pillow and awaken to rattling teeth!

Large Display – There should be no issue with seeing what time it is when you wake up as the alarm has a big red LCD display

Customize – You can decide what you want to wake you up lights flashing, sound, shaken awake by the bed shaker or set it all for maximum effect!

Buttons – There’s a big snooze button on the top of the clock but the turn off button is situated on the front and is nice and small so not so easy to turn off by mistake.


One of the most reported issue that users had using this clock was that the process for setting the right time is a bit clunky there is no hour and minute setting instead you need to press a button until you reach the time you wish to set. If you miss the correct time you need to go through the entire process again. Not a deal breaker but perhaps its annoying.


I’m sure everyone knows someone who this would make a great gift idea for– some could even say thanks for it! All joking aside, this is a well planned product and does everything it can to wake a sleepyhead up aside from pour coffee down their throat!