Review Of Blexy Remote Control Bumper Cars

As a kid maturating I had 2 favorite rides at the theme park one was the roller-coaster and the other conducting the bumper cars. I’m pretty sure many other kids and a few adults too will agree with me that bumper cars on fun. OK we can’t always visit the fair but the second best thing is this miniature battle racing bumper cars to have fun with in your home.

Who would Like these Remote Control Bumper Cars?

Maybe what we should of said was who wouldn’t like them! This are ideal for any ages and for boys and girls, Kids from 5 upwards will have great fun with them along with Mom, Dad and the grandparents. They are easy to control and perfect for indoor use.

The package comes complete with everything that is needed right out of the box.

It includes

Two Remote Control Battle Bumper Cars

Remote Control Unit

Two Ejectable Drivers

Two Rechargeable Batteries for the Bumper Cars

Four AA Batteries Included for the Controller

Two USB Charging Cables

Packaged in a Great Looking Gift Box


The main thing we love about these cars are that they are interactive and two people can have fun playing with these. Great for Son and Dad bonding or for siblings to play with together. While your usual RC car is fun to drive around its a solo affair and can get a bit dull after a while.

Cars – They both cars that reside in red and green are more like little snowmobiles than the bumper cars I remember at theme parks but that is no big deal, they still look cool. The cars solid enough to take repeated bumping and crashing, making sense as this is what they are designed to undertake. They are made from excellent quality ABS and the cars are non-toxic but we would still advice caution and not let very young kids enjoy these on their own. The cars operate on 2 different frequencies 27Mhz and 40Mhz and the manufactures say that the cars can reach a speed of 20km per Hour. The real fun part is the crash sound effects along with the eject-able drivers. There are trigger buttons on the side of the cars and the drivers will be tossed out of their seats when the 2 vehicles crash into one another.

Remote Controls – as mentioned the remote controls are on two different frequencies and are easy to use even for kids as young as five. Using the controller you can get the bumper cars to turn left, right, go forward or backwards and even turn in a 360 degree rotation. The controllers are comfortable enough in the hand for both kids and adults.

Batteries and Chargers – Charging time is around 5 hours but the good thing is you get a charger for each remote control car so you can charge them simultaneously. You get around 20-30 minutes playing time on a full charge. Customers reviewing the set were happy to find that all the batteries were included.

Packaging – The set comes in a well packaged box that is ideal if you are giving it as a gift. You will need a screwdriver to remove the contents from the box.

Our Verdict

A great gift that will get a lot of fun use, if you want to get the kids away from staring at a screen this holiday season this should do it. A great interactive toy that all ages will enjoy.